Building knowledge together

We believe that no financial data company, no matter how large it is, can match the open sharing and knowledge of the global business community, ranging from startup ventures to large institutional investors. With this in mind, we have opened the database for public participation, by allowing everyone entering content for the benefit of the broader community. We have staff that constantly monitors the quality of data, but do not pre-approve submissions in advance. While we develop some paid analytical tools, the data is free and we intend to keep it this way

Scope of the database

The PSEPS database contains information on private equity and venture capital firms, their deals and portfolios, as well as the investment professionals who work for those firms. It also contains information on various fund closings, and is gradually building up information on comparative fund performance. In contrast with many other databases, it is not restricted to a particular stage of investing, and covers deals ranging from seed to buyouts and private investment into public equity. It is not restricted to a particula country or region, abd covers companies, people, deals and funds worldwide.

Adding content

The PSEPS database allows the inclusion of user generated content. All users can add content.

In order to add content, registration is not necessary, but registered users have more rights in terms of adding and editing content, and have access to tools not available to anonymous users. Registration is free.

We do not pre-approve user submissions and changes to the database ore visible to registered users immediately. (It takes between 24 and 48 hours for some changes to become visible to anonymous users). However, we actively monitor user submitted data and may restrict or suspend a user's rights in case of posting spam or other irrelevant / low quality content. We reserve the right to edit user generated content, for example, to achieve consistency of style, to correct factual mistakes, or in other situations when deemed necessary by editorial staff.

More detailed instructions on how to add specific types of content to the site can be found here:

Editing content

Depending on a user's permissions, "edit" links are visible for some types of content.


Registered users benefit from the use of a number of additional features, such as:

  • enhanced content creation and editing rights;
  • ability to create custom lists of companies, individuals and potential investors;
  • ability to view the portfolio analytics for each investor, with breakdown by country, industry and financing round;


The database uses the following terms and classifications: