Acutronic Group

Established in 1973, ACUTRONIC is the world leader in the development, design, and manufacture of precision motion simulation solutions for the aviation, space, defense, transportation, and consumer electronics industries. Including work done by its predecessor companies, Fecker and Goerz Optical, ACUTRONIC has accumulated close to a century of experience in motion simulation technology. Over the last 50 years, ACUTRONIC, CARCO Electronics (purchased by ACUTRONIC in 2005), and the Contraves Goerz Corporation (purchased by CARCO in 1995) have delivered several thousand systems, of which over a thousand are still serviced by ACUTRONIC today. Almost 100% of the Hardware-In-The-Loop systems delivered worldwide over the last 50 years have been designed and built by ACUTRONIC or CARCO Electronics. ACUTRONIC’s customers include leading industrial and aerospace companies such as Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Bosch, DLR, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Mitsubishi Electric Company, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Safran, and Thales. ACUTRONIC has sales representation in all regions of the world and its customer service teams cover client needs globally. ACUTRONIC employs over 110 people from offices in Switzerland and the United States. It is majority owned by J.A. Technologies AG, of Zug, Switzerland.