Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc

Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc
385 E Colorado Blvd Suite 299
91101 Pasadena , California
United States
Phone: +1 (626) 578-0777
California US
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United States
Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., Landlord of Choice to the Life Science Industry®, is the largest owner and preeminent REIT focused principally on cluster development through the ownership, operation, management, selective redevelopment, development, and acquisition of properties containing life science laboratory space. Alexandria is the leading provider of high-quality, environmentally sustainable real estate, technical infrastructure, and services to the broad and diverse life science industry. Client tenants include institutional (universities and independent not-for-profit institutions), pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, product, service, and translational entities, as well as government agencies. Alexandria’s operating platform is based on the principle of “clustering,” with assets and operations located in key life science markets.