Cash Payment Solutions GmbH

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Cash Payment Solutions GmbH
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Germany’s largest private cash payment infrastructure.
Barzahlen is Germany’s largest private cash payment infrastructure. More than 10.000 retail partner stores provide the basis for our customers’ basic banking needs such as cash withdrawals and deposits from their own bank account. Using Barzahlen, customers may also pay bills from different sectors – including utilities, e-commerce, insurance and telecommunication, as well as their rent – using a bar code printed on their bill or sent via mail, e-mail or SMS. The company behind Barzahlen is Cash Payment Solutions GmbH. It was founded in 2011 and currently employs 30 employees in Berlin. The management team consists of Achim Bönsch, Sebastian Seifert and Andreas Veller. Prestigious investors such as ALSTIN, BTH and REWE Digital support Barzahlen. The customer gets a bar code via e-mail, SMS, app or mail to process the payment. The bar code get scanned at the cash register at one of our retail partner stores and the customer pays with cash or any another available payment method. As soon as the customer pays, the cash register system confirms the payment in time. Currently Barzahlen is available at about 10.000 stores of REWE, dm, PENNY, real, mobilcom-debitel, BUDNI and the stores of the company group Dr.Eckert including the brands Eckert, Ludwig and Barbarino. Barzahlen makes online shopping, playing or travel booking possible for cash users without revealing any sensitive financial data. By the use of cash, Barzahlen is the only online payment system which is available for every German. 68% of Germans over 18 years do not own a credit card (Deutsche Bundesbank 2015) and 51% do not use online banking (Bundesverband deutscher Banken 2014).