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A revolutionary, new, personalized way to get the most out of city living
Citypath - Your way to getting the best out of city living. The texture, fabric, culture and aesthetic of any great city has always been shaped by the creative class: the artists and architects, musicians and thespians, designers and educators who constantly put their vision into action and shape the landscape of the urban environment in which we live. It is this group of people who seem to be “in the know" about the sites, sounds and happenings of what is around them. The true locals. What if, when visiting a new destination, you could tap into the collective knowledge bank of these creative insiders? How would your urban experience change if you could use what they know—and love—about their hometowns to craft your own localized “must-visit" list based upon your interests? It was that very question that led us to create, a new website that offers you exclusive access to personalized reviews from the on-the-ground experts in your city. As you continue to log on and search, you’ll find that the site actually learns what you and others are passionate about, so you’ll get even more accurate suggestions for destinations and events the next time you visit.