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Crypto-Alpha, Inc.
At Crypto-Alpha, Inc. we believe that Bitcoin heralded not only the first of many applications of blockchain technology, but also the advent of a formidable new and distinct asset class – cryptocurrencies. ​ Traditionally, investors interested in profiting from the growth of the cryptocurrency market were forced to choose between building and operating their own mining computers, renting computing power from others to mine with (cloud mining), or buying and holding individual cryptocurrencies. Acknowledging that most investors are not interested in owning and operating their own servers and most do not live in an area with competitively priced electricity, we offer investors the opportunity for shared ownership in and professional management of servers placed in northern Montana for the cool climate and some of the least expensive electricity in the US. Sharing in ownership of our servers means better returns are possible compared with renting or cloud mining. Buying and holding individual cryptocurrencies can be extremely risky and investors have to pick which innovations will win out. ​ Crypto-Alpha, Inc. represents a new alternative for investors to profit from the growth of the overall cryptocurrency market with a unique risk profile.