GlobeImmune Inc

GlobeImmune Inc
1450 Infinite Drive
80027 Louisville , Colorado
United States
Colorado US
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GlobeImmune Inc
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United States
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Biopharmaceuticals company.
GlobeImmune Inc. is a private company developing therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. The Company’s lead infectious disease product candidate, GI-5005, is a Tarmogen® product being developed for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection (HCV). The Company’s lead oncology programs, GI-4000 and GI-6207, target cancers caused by mutated versions of the Ras oncoprotein and CEA expressing tumors respectively. GI-4000 is being investigated in clinical trials for the treatment of cancers expressing mutated Ras, including non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer. GI-6207 is being evaluated in clinical trials in patients with CEA expressing tumors. In July, 2008 GlobeImmune signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NCI and the National Institutes of Health to jointly develop multiple product candidates intended to treat a variety of cancers. In May, 2009, the Company announced a global partnership with Celgene focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of multiple product candidates for the treatment of cancer. All of the Company’s Tarmogen® products are developed from its proprietary platform technology. Tarmogens are whole, heat killed recombinant S. cerevisiae yeast that express one or more disease-associated proteins. Tarmogens are avidly taken up by antigen presenting cells, such as dendritic cells and macrophages, generating activated T cells capable of locating and eliminating any cell expressing the same disease-related protein. The unique composition of the Tarmogen vector also suppresses the regulatory T cell response, further amplifying immune activity.