Horizon Robotics Inc

Horizon Robotics Inc
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Horizon Robotics, Inc.
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Maker of robotics chips.
Horizon Robotics is committed to providing embedded AI solution with high performance, low power consumption, reduced cost and complete openness. Horizon Robotics targets application scenarios including autonomous driving, smart life and smart surveillance, with a view to equipping over 1,000 terminal devices globally with a "brain" to achieve smart perception, interaction, comprehension and decision making, thus bringing people a more secured, convenient and enjoyable life. Currently, the company has attracted substantial investment from Morningside Venture Capital, Hill House Capital, Sequoia Capital, GSR Ventures and other famous investment organizations as well as from Yuri Milner, a legendary venture capitalist from the Silicon Valley. “Talents first” is part of Horizon’s value from day one.With engineering and business teams in Beijing, Nanjing and Shenzhen, Horizon Robotics has attracted hundreds of top talents with our mission. Core members come from top technology companies such as Baidu,Google,Facebook,Microsoft,Nokia and Huawei etc.,with not only strong academic background but also rich industrial accomplishments.The company's core members have achieved first rank in various global Artificial Intelligence benchmarks for more than 20 times, and have also developed products and services that enable hundreds of millions users in search advertisement, voice search, image search, face recognition, chip design, smart phones, parallel computing and other fields.