Reflective Venture Partners

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Reflective Ventures
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Blockchain technology fund.
Reflective Venture Partners is a privately owned and managed venture firm based in Seattle, WA. Our group originates from an ongoing strategic partnership with RChain Cooperative, a third-generation blockchain applications platform. Reflective Venture Partners supports RChain in its efforts to advance an open-source, decentralized proof of stake platform that addresses the deficiencies of existing blockchain architecture through improved speed, scalability and versatility. We incubate, collaborate, and develop strategic partnerships for innovative blockchain specific dApps that have strong growth potential and will provide a meaningful contribution to the RChain blockchain ecosystem. We're looking for appreciable utility value and increased market adoption. In accordance with its principal objectives of identifying and creating valuable opportunities for RChain Co-op, Reflective Venture Partners will also ensure that all dApp token capitalization events will first be offered to the RChain membership.