Softbank Capital Partners

9 Aug 1999
Softbank Capital Partners
1120 Avenue of the Americas Suite 1509
10036 New York , New York
United States
Phone: +1 (212) 503-5800
New York US
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Softbank Capital Partners
Also known as: 
Softbank Capital
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United States
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Early stage venture capital firm
SoftBank Capital was formed to make U.S. based venture capital equity investments in early stage technology companies benefiting from the wide scale deployment of broadband and mobile technologies. We believe these technologies create an incredibly rich market opportunity for venture backed companies to take advantage of and to grow. Our partners have over 120 years of collective experience with growth oriented technology companies. We leverage our extensive experience in operations, business development, capital markets, international expansion and technology to provide companies with a distinctive advantage. The partners of SoftBank Capital are collectively responsible for billions of dollars of gains on investments, including Yahoo!, E*Trade, UT Starcom, GeoCities, Ziff Davis and GSI Commerce.