Universal Dollar

Also known as: 
The UPUSD is a fully-transparent, digital asset that is collateralized 1-to-1 with U.S. dollars held at U.S. domiciled, FDIC-insured banks. The stablecoin is specifically designed to attract the next 100 million users into crypto by allowing investors around the globe to access higher yields on deposits and more affordable credit than available from many traditional banks. UPUSD offers users access to a quarter-billion-dollar line of credit; pays an annual rate of interest of between 2 and 5 per cent; and enables holders to access flexible loans with single-digit rates of interest. The stablecoin is underpinned by reserve management developed by Uphold, the world’s most transparent digital money platform, which has handled nearly $4 billion in transactions and publishes its assets and liabilities in real-time.