Deals in blockchain



Initial Coin Offering
Jul 2018



Also known as:
Banking Reinvented and Decentralized

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mobile wallet.
USD 32,000,000 (USD 32,000,000) Initial Coin Offering
25 May 2018


Plutux Ltd

Also known as:
Plutux Exchange

17 May 2018


Origin Protocol

Blockchain startup that is aiming to build an infrastructure for a decentralized sharing economy.
USD 28,500,000 (USD 28,500,000) N/A
25 Apr 2018



Compliance platform for tokenizing private securities such as real estate, company equity, investment funds, fine art, etc.
USD 28,000,000 (USD 28,000,000) N/A
17 Apr 2018



Developer of private distributed ledger technology.
USD 12,000,000 (USD 12,000,000) Initial Coin Offering
12 Apr 2018


Chia Network

USD 3,395,000 (USD 3,395,000) Seed
29 Mar 2018


Flipside Crypto

6619 Other activities auxiliary to financial services
Cryptocurrency investment service.
USD 3,400,000 (USD 3,400,000) N/A
28 Mar 2018


Everledger Ltd

United Kingdom
Provider of an immutable ledger for diamond ownership and related transaction history verification.
USD 10,400,000 (USD 10,400,000) Series A
21 Mar 2018


Etoro Group Ltd

British Virgin Islands
6612 Security and commodity contracts brokerage
USD 100,000,000 (USD 100,000,000) Series E
21 Mar 2018