Deals in blockchain



Decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace.
USD 41,000,000 (USD 41,000,000) Initial Coin Offering
13 Nov 2017


Templum LLC

United States
6611 Administration of financial markets
Platform for regulated initial coin offerings (ICOs).
USD 2,700,000 (USD 2,700,000) Seed
30 Oct 2017


Stream Token

USD 5,000,000 (USD 5,000,000) Initial Coin Offering
26 Oct 2017


Plutus Financial Inc

Also known as:

Bitcoin-based digital wallet app primary focused on foreign exchange.
USD 15,000,000 (USD 15,000,000) Series B
23 Oct 2017



USD 15,000,000 (USD 15,000,000) Initial Coin Offering
24 Sep 2017


Luno Pte Ltd

Cryptocurrency exchange.
USD 9,000,000 (USD 9,000,000) Series B
19 Sep 2017



Also known as:
Trane Ai

TraneAi’s platform engages crowds to tag, store and model data, accelerating machine-learning and improving data accuracy.
USD 50,000,000 (USD 50,000,000) Initial Coin Offering
18 Sep 2017



Decentralized storage network that runs a cloud data storage market on the blockchain.
USD 257,000,000 (USD 257,000,000) Initial Coin Offering
7 Sep 2017


Bitmain Technologies Ltd

Maker of chips and machines for mining Bitcoin.
USD 50,000,000 (USD 50,000,000) Venture
Sep 2017



Financial inclusion blockchain development company seeking to improve access to financial services and markets for the un- and under-banked.
USD 26,442,734 (USD 26,442,734) Initial Coin Offering
31 Aug 2017