Recent Fund Closings

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Fund Type Fund manager Country Event Ccy Amount Date
Global Infrastructure Partners IV-A LP First Closing 2018
Lightspeed India Partners II Venture Lightspeed Venture Partners Final Closing USD 175,000,000 2018
The Helm Fund I Venture The Helm United States Final Closing 2018
Wavemaker Genesis Fund Venture Wavemaker Partners LLC Puerto Rico Final Closing USD 40,000,000 2018
Insight Venture Partners X Venture Insight Venture Partners Final Closing USD 6,300,000,000 2018
Harrison Metal Capital V Harrison Metal Capital Final Closing USD 68,000,000 2018
Blume Ventures III Venture Blume Ventures Final Closing 2018
Lead Edge Capital IV Venture Lead Edge Capital Management LLC Final Closing USD 520,000,000 2018
Costanoa Venture Capital Opportunity Fund Venture Costanoa Ventures Final Closing USD 75,000,000 2018
Capital Constellation Fund-of-funds Wafra Inc Final Closing USD 700,000,000 2018
Blume Ventures III Venture Blume Ventures Target USD 80,000,000 2018
Seedcamp Fund IV Venture Seedcamp Investments LLP Final Closing GBP 60,000,000 2018
Fly Ventures Fund I Venture Fly Ventures Management GmbH Final Closing USD 41,000,000 21 Dec 2017
EOS VC Venture Block One Capital Inc Final Closing USD 1,000,000,000 Dec 2017
1confirmation Fund LP Venture United States Target USD 26,000,000 30 Nov 2017
Novalpina Capital Partners I SCSp Buyout Novalpina Capital LLP First Closing EUR 550,000,000 22 Nov 2017
ING Ventures Venture ING Group NV Final Closing EUR 300,000,000 25 Oct 2017
iFlytek [Venture Fund] Venture Anhui USTC iFlyTek Co Ltd Final Closing CNY 1,024,000,000 24 Oct 2017
NFX Capital Fund I Venture NFX Guild Final Closing USD 175,000,000 Oct 2017
AICoin Switzerland USD 3,000,000 25 Sep 2017
ConsenSys Ventures Venture ConsenSys Capital Asset Management Final Closing USD 50,000,000 6 Sep 2017
Eight Roads China Healthcare Fund Venture Eight Roads Target USD 250,000,000 5 Sep 2017
Russia - Saudi Arabia Technology Fund Final Closing USD 1,000,000,000 4 Sep 2017
Galaxy Digital Assets Fund Hedge fund Target USD 500,000,000 Sep 2017
Galaxy Digital Assets Fund Hedge fund First Closing USD Sep 2017