6430 Trusts, funds and similar financial entities

This class includes legal entities organized to pool securities or other financial assets, without managing, on behalf of shareholders or beneficiaries. The portfolios are customized to achieve specific investment characteristics, such as diversification, risk, rate of return and price volatility. These entities earn interest, dividends and other property income, but have little or no employment and no revenue from the sale of services.

This class includes:
— open-end investment funds
— closed-end investment funds
— trusts, estates or agency accounts, administered on behalf of the beneficiaries under the terms of a trust agreement, will or agency agreement
— unit investment trust funds

This class excludes:
— funds and trusts that earn revenue from the sale of goods or services, see ISIC class according to their principal activity
— activities of holding companies, see 6420
— pension funding, see 6530
— management of funds, see 6630


Most active institutional investors by number of deals


Selected funding rounds

Date Company Profile Ccy Amount
14 Mar 2017 Vista Foundation Fund III LP USD 2,750,000,000
14 Mar 2017 Pioneer Capital Growth Fund III NZD 210,000,000
13 Mar 2017 Mill Creek Private Equity Fund IV LP USD 53,000,000
13 Mar 2017 Activant Ventures II LP USD 63,500,000
13 Mar 2017 BluePointe Ventures TechFund II LP Venture capital fund which invests in startups focused on big data, cloud/SaaS, smart devices and media. USD 30,000,000
13 Mar 2017 Platinum Equity Capital Partners IV LP PE fund investing in carve-outs from Fortune 500 companies; public to private transitions; specialty acquisitions from private sellers. USD 6,500,000,000
13 Mar 2017 Canadian Business Growth Fund Canadian fund focused on long-term minority investments in small and medium-sized companies looking to grow or scale operations. CAD 500,000,000
10 Mar 2017 Vista Equity Partners Fund VI LP Private equity fund focused on investing in software and technology-enabled businesses. USD 6,694,196,939
10 Mar 2017 Vista Equity Partners Fund VI-A LP USD 3,770,816,327
10 Mar 2017 Vista Equity Partners Fund Vi-DE LP USD 30,018,000
10 Mar 2017 Newspring Mezzanine Capital III LP Mezzanine fund with a focus on mid-sized companies in the business services, healthcare, information technology and specialty manufacturing sectors. USD 257,400,000
10 Mar 2017 XYZ Venture Capital Fund I LP Venture capital fund focused on the large seed and Series A rounds of fintech and enterprise tech startups. USD 70,000,000
10 Mar 2017 Sageview Capital Partners II (Offshore) LP Private investment fund providing growth capital to small and mid-sized companies in the technology, business services and financial services sectors. USD 15,550,000
9 Mar 2017 Blumberg Capital IV LP Venture capital fund. USD 206,600,000
9 Mar 2017 Refactor Capital LP Seed stage venture capital fund. USD 50,000,000
9 Mar 2017 Rethink Impact LP Venture capital fund that invests in social impact companies. USD 110,000,000
9 Mar 2017 Longford Capital Fund II LP Private equity fund that invests in commercial litigation believed to be high value and meritorious. USD 118,470,000
8 Mar 2017 Marlin Equity V LP Private equity fund with a focus on middle-market companies in North America and Europe. 2,000,000,000
8 Mar 2017 Marlin Heritage II LP Private equity fund investing in the lower mid-market in North America. USD 500,000,000
7 Mar 2017 Princeville Global II LP Global technology venture capital fund. USD 250,000,000


Selected companies

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