Most Active Individual Investors

Individual investors in private equity and venture capital ranked by the number of funding rounds in the PSEPS database they have participated in.

Name Number of deals Average USD value* Action
Auren Hoffman photo Auren Hoffman 23
Marc Andreessen photo Marc Andreessen 22 11,500,000
Peter Thiel photo Peter Thiel 21 33,366,667
Ariel Poler photo Ariel Poler 21
Joshua Stylman photo Joshua Stylman 18 20,000,000
Naval Ravikant photo Naval Ravikant 16 29,579,000
Robert W Pittman photo Robert Pittman 14 15,000,000
Christopher Dixon photo Christopher Dixon 14 20,000,000
Caterina Fake photo Caterina Fake 13 1,760,000
Allen Morgan photo Allen Morgan 13