2660 Manufacture of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment


Selected funding rounds

Date Company Profile Round
BARRX Medical Inc Minimally invasive placed single use disposable medical device for the treatment of Barrett’s esophagus. N/A
NovoStent Corp N/A
Solta Medical Inc Designs, develops, manufactures, and markets energy-based medical device systems for aesthetic applications N/A
Omnicell Technologies Inc
Millennium Laboratories
Asante Solutions Inc Developing a disposable drug delivery system which initially will be used for insulin delivery for Type I diabetics. N/A
Derma Sciences Inc
Serene Oncology LLC Specialty oncology company which develops imaging and therapeutic products. N/A
Power Medical Interventions Inc Medical device manufacturer, designs, manufactures, and markets the SurgASSIST platform of Intelligent Surgical Instruments N/A
Device Innovation Group N/A
Heartlab Inc N/A
Mitralign Inc Percutaneous mitral valve repair system. Series C
Imalux Corp Provider of optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems for site-of-care tissue imaging. N/A
Great Lakes Pharmaceuticals Inc Developer of an anti-infective lock solution to address in-dwelling venous catheter mediated infection. N/A
Innovation Plus LLC Provider of technology that improves the way fasteners are installed and monitored. N/A
Revascular Therapeutics Inc N/A
K2M Inc Provider of solutions for the treatment of spinal pathologies and procedures. N/A
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation Inc N/A
Integrated Vascular Systems Inc Medical device company developing devices to treat congestive heart failure. N/A
SuturTek Inc N/A


Selected companies

Company type: 
Medical device company focused on developing and commercializing therapeutic ultrasound products
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