2660 Manufacture of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment


Most active institutional investors by number of deals

Investor Profile Country Deals
Yili Fuyi Daohe Medical Chinese healthcare investment firm. China 1
Zero Stage Capital Inc United States 1
Zero Stage Capital VI LP 1
Zilkha Venture Partners United States 1
ZMV Associates 1
Zygote Ventures LLC Privately held seed/angel venture capital fund United States 1


Selected funding rounds

Date Company Profile Round
Excel Medical Ventures LLC N/A
Emageon Inc N/A
Spine View Inc N/A
CryoCor Inc N/A
Asthmatx Inc N/A
IntraLase Corp N/A
Aerogen Medical device and drug delivery company N/A
Nellix N/A
Cholestech Corp Operates as a point-of-care testing manufacturer N/A
VueSonix Sensors Inc A medical imaging company developing unique vascular imaging, diagnosis and monitoring systems using ultrasound as the enabling media. N/A
Gamma Medica-Ideas Inc Develops, manufactures, and markets fully digital medical imaging systems which improve patient health. N/A
LDR Spine USA Inc Orthopedic spine company with a full line of spinal implant devices. N/A
ProteoGenix Inc N/A
Orqis Medical Corp Develops and sells minimally invasive devices for improving cardiac performance through aortic flow therapy. N/A
OraMetrix Inc Provider of innovative 3-D technology solutions facilitating and improving the quality of orthodontic care. N/A
ELENZA Inc Develops electronic AutoFocal intraocular lens N/A
Paracor Medical Inc Developed a ventricular elastic support therapy N/A
Bioconnect Systems Inc Bioconnect Systems, Inc. is pioneering novel surgical implants and techniques that form precisely controlled vascular connections. N/A
Cartiva Inc Development of medical devices to treat knee and small joint disease N/A
NanoMR Inc


Selected companies

Company type: 
Nanosight develops, manufactures and supplies a unique family of instruments for the visualisation and sizing of nanoparticles.
Company type: 
Developer of the latest technology fertility monitor
Company type: 
Developer of continuous glucose monitoring systems for ambulatory use
Company type: 
Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) cancer diagnostic device technology.
Company type: 
Maker of robotic systems for the fabrication of nano material-based wound dressings at the point-of-care
Company type: 
Medical device company focused on developing and commercializing therapeutic ultrasound products
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