2829 Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery


Most active individual investors by number of deals

Investor Deals
Guy Kawasaki 1
Yuri Milner 1

Most active acquirers by number of deals

Investor Profile Country Deals
Glencoe Capital LLC United States 2
Amazon.com Inc Online retailer of books and other consumer goods United States 1
Electra Partners LLP United Kingdom 1
Oak Hill Capital Partners United States 1
Weiss Peck & Greer United States 1

Acquisitions by industry of acquirer

Selected funding rounds

Date Company Profile Round Ccy Amount
7 Sep 2017 Beijing Intelligent Steward Co Ltd Developer of home service robots. Series B CNY 350,000,000
5 Sep 2017 Acutronic Link Robotics AG Robotics development firm. Series A
19 Aug 2016 New Valence Robotics Corp Developer of automated 3D printing solutions. Series A
25 Jul 2016 Ubtech Robotics Corp Series B USD 100,000,000
20 Aug 2015 Carbon3D Inc 3D printing company. Series C USD 100,000,000
9 Apr 2015 Carbon3D Inc 3D printing company. N/A
16 Mar 2015 Carbon3D Inc 3D printing company. Series B USD 30,000,000
1 Jan 2015 Ubtech Robotics Corp Series A USD 20,000,000
28 Apr 2014 Technimark A leading plastics molder and manufacturer with facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia. Buyout
31 Dec 2013 Carbon3D Inc 3D printing company. Series A USD 11,000,000
Jul 2012 Grenadier Energy Partners II LLC N/A
Jul 2012 Monarch Industries Ltd N/A
Apr 2012 Clinkenbeard & Associates Inc N/A
Dec 2011 Domaille Engineering LLC Global provider of state of the art technology, product designs, technical engineering solutions and manufacturing excellence. N/A
Dec 2011 Perennial Energy Inc Designer and manufacturer of anaerobically-derived waste gas processing systems and equipment. N/A
Dec 2011 Interface Solutions Provider of advanced sealing and thermal management solutions. N/A
Oct 2011 Glunt Industries Inc N/A
Feb 2011 Paragon Airheater Technologies Inc N/A
31 Jan 2011 Navis Global Inc Design and manufacture of finishing machinery N/A
2011 Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd Leading global provider of highly engineered manufacturing systems and services to the plastic injection molding industry. N/A


Selected acquisitions

Date Company Profile Country Ccy Amount
20 Mar 2012 Kiva Systems Inc Designer and manufacturer of mobile robots used for order fulfillment in distribution warehouses. United States
Dec 2010 Campbell Grinder Co A leading process design, layout and engineering services firm focused on the design and assembly of premium quality grinding machines United States
2010 Ramsey Industries Operates through its subsidiaries who manufacture cranes, crane service bodies, hydraulic air compressors, and front mount and industrial winches United States
2008 Meat Processing Systems Holding BV Netherlands GBP 36,000,000
11 Nov 2007 Firth Rixson Ltd A leading manufacturer of complex metal components United Kingdom
Dec 1999 Rimrock Corp United States

Selected companies

Company type: 
Developer of automated 3D printing solutions.
Company type: 
3D printing company.
Company type: 
Supplier of close-tolerance, deep-drawn metal components and metal stamping services to the implantable device market.
Company type: 
Robots, automation equipment company.
Company type: 
Real time data machinery for a streaming global economy.
Company type: 
Flexible technical insulation company.
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