6311 Data processing, hosting and related activities


Most active institutional investors by number of deals

Investor Profile Country Deals
Google Inc American multinational Internet and software corporation specialized in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies. United States 66
VeriSign Inc A company that operates a diverse array of network infrastructure. United States 10
Akamai Technologies Inc Cloud-based services for optimizing web and mobile content and applications, online HD video, and secure commerce. United States 8
Iron Mountain Inc United States 4
Rackspace Hosting Inc Web hosting and cloud computing company. United States 3
Automattic Inc Web publishing company. United States 2
FullContact Inc United States 2
AppNeta Inc Provider of remote performance management solutions for IT Administrators and IT services providers. United States 1
Carbonite Inc Provider of online backup solutions for individuals and small and mid-sized businesses United States 1
Cloudflare Inc Web performance and security company. United States 1
Ionic Security Inc Unified cloud and mobility security platform for the enterprise United States 1
Trepp LLC 1
Twilio Inc Cloud communications company United States 1

Selected companies

Company type: 
Developer of phishing protection technology.
Company type: 
Data warehousing company.
Company type: 
Big Data platform for historical full-depth trading exchange data enabling improvement of trading algorithms using machine learning.
Company type: 
Data intelligence provider with enterprise data preparation, predictive analytics and visualization solutions that fuel business analyt
Company type: 
Developer of cloud-based analytics solutions to help businesses draw actionable insights from text on a massive scale.
Company type: 
Provider of comprehensive, cloud-native supply chain planning solutions.
Company type: 
Decentralised platform for app development and token economy for data science and live ops.
Company type: 
Formal verification platform for blockchain ecosystems.
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