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Most active institutional investors by number of deals

Investor Profile Country Deals
Yahoo! Inc Computer software and web search engine company. United States 24
AOL Inc A web services company which offers online content, products, and services to consumers, publishers, and advertisers. United States 22
ICG Group Inc A time-tested leader in guiding and growing companies that create efficiencies and transform the way business is done by leveraging SaaS United States 12
PayPal Inc Web-based payment services. United States 9
Twitter Inc Social networking and micro-blogging. United States 6
Lockerz Inc United States 4
NTT Communications Corp Provider of IT and networking services for organizations in Japan, including voice, IP, solutions services, data communications, and others. Japan 4
Alibaba.com Inc China 3
Baidu Inc Provider of Chinese language search engine online. China 3
Federated Media Publishing Inc Best in class digital media ad solutions for the independent web United States 3
DoubleClick Inc Provider of a digital marketing and technology services. United States 2
Everyday Health Inc Everyday Health is a leading provider of health solutions. United States 2
InfoSpace Inc Metasearch and private-label Internet search services for consumers and businesses. United States 2
IronPort Systems Inc Provides email and Web security products for organizations United States 2
NetScreen Technologies Inc Developer of network security and access solutions for enterprises and carriers worldwide. United States 2
Photobucket Corp Dedicated photo and video sharing service provider United States 2
Quicksilver Group Inc United States 2
Rearden Commerce Inc E-commerce company offering a suite of integrated e-commerce apps that allow consumers and businesses to purchase virtually any product or service. United States 2
SoundView Technology Group Inc Online investment banking and brokerage services business. United States 2
The Motley Fool LLC United States 2


Selected companies

Company type: 
People search engine.
Company type: 
San Francisco-based gay social network.
Company type: 
Digital lifestyle multimedia and social utility with three assets to define lifestyle and manage life.
Company type: 
Cloud-based MongoDB services startup.
Company type: 
Mobile media network
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