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Developer of a mobile app for the management of personal and business finances.
USD 22,600,000 (USD 22,600,000) Series B
18 Apr 2019
fintech, personal finance

Adverity GmbH

Online marketing data analytics and reporting platform.
EUR 11,000,000 Series B
18 Apr 2019
data analytics, big data, e-commerce, software-as-a-service (SaaS), digital marketing

CloudGenix Inc

Developer of software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN).
USD 65,000,000 (USD 65,000,000) Series C
17 Apr 2019

Zapata Computing Inc

United States
Enterprise software company for quantum solutions to enable the next generation of accessible, commercial high-performance computing.
USD 21,000,000 (USD 21,000,000) Series A
17 Apr 2019
quantum computing, enterprise software

Bizzabo Ltd

Holistic event cloud providing marketers with a modern suite of tools to create impactful and rewarding professional events.
USD 27,000,000 (USD 27,000,000) Series D
17 Apr 2019

Innovapptive Inc

USD 16,300,000 (USD 16,300,000) Series A
17 Apr 2019 Inc

USD 40,000,000 Series B
17 Apr 2019

Payfone Inc

United States
6312 Web portals
Provider of digital identity authentication.
USD 24,000,000 (USD 24,000,000) Series G
17 Apr 2019
digital identity

Cytora Ltd

United Kingdom
6512 Non-life insurance
GBP 25,000,000 Series B
16 Apr 2019
artificial intelligence, business insurance, insurance, risk management, financial software, fintech, insuretech

Brex Inc

USD 100,000,000 (USD 100,000,000) Debt
16 Apr 2019
challenger bank, fintech, digital banking