Featured Career Moves

James Powell photo

James Powell

became CIO and CTO of Engineering at Digital Asset Holdings LLC
26 Jul 2018

Prabir Adarkar photo

Prabir Adarkar

became Chief Financial Officer at DoorDash
Jul 2018

Bruce Jiang photo

Bruce Jiang

became Venture Partner at Tsinghua Blockchain Capital
Jul 2018

Finian Tan photo

Finian Tan

became Member of the Board at Everledger Ltd
22 Mar 2018

Igor Erker photo

Igor Erker

became N/A at Columbus Blockchain Management Ltd
22 Jan 2018

Ron Kundich photo

Ron Kundich

became Managing Director at Trinity Capital Investment
8 Dec 2017

Jo Bertram logo

Jo Bertram

became Executive in Residence at EQT Partners AB
7 Dec 2017

Mark Danchak photo

Mark Danchak

became Managing Director at WorldQuant Ventures LLC
21 Nov 2017

Thomas Saunders photo

Thomas Saunders

became Co-Founder at Neon Exchange
Nov 2017

Rebecca Kaden photo

Rebecca Kaden

became General Partner at Union Square Ventures LLC
23 Oct 2017