A Catherine Ngo

Ms A Catherine Ngo


Catherine has almost 20 years of operations, legal and management experience, including as the Chief Operating Officer of SVB Alliant, the investment banking affiliate of Silicon Valley Bank. As COO, Ms. Ngo led all business operations for the firm, including for IT, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, and Marketing. Prior to COO of SVB Alliant, she was the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). In addition to overseeing all legal and regulatory affairs for SVB, Ms. Ngo also was responsible for loan operations and other support divisions of the company. She also was a founding board member of SVB's first two venture capital funds. Prior to joining SVB, Catherine practiced law in California and Texas.
Catherine sits on the boards of several portfolio companies for Startup Capital Ventures, including acting as a Board advisor to Zero2IPO, a Chinese financial services provider that sits at the hub of China's venture and private equity market. In her role as Board advisor to Zero2IPO, Catherine has played a key role in the launch of the company's venture capital business, including in the founding of the company's first two direct equity funds. More recently, she has spearheaded the company's efforts to raise the first Zero2IPO fund of funds. Catherine continues to act as a Special Fund Advisor to all of Zero2IPO's venture funds.


Venture Partner (Palo Alto) (current)