Ken Elefant

Mr Ken Elefant


Previously, Mr Elefant worked at Radius Inc. as Director of International Sales and Marketing when the revolutionary Radius Pivot Monitor was the hot seller in Japan. His role at Radius included serving as a member of the executive staff and opening the company’s first sales and marketing office in the Benelux region of Europe Mr Elefant has also held various marketing and business development positions at Claris Corporation (the software subsidiary of Apple Computer) and RealNetworks. While at Claris, Ken devised the compensation plan for the U.S. sales force that helped move the company from being a Macintosh-only company to being a cross-platform company.
Mr Ken holds a BS in Economics from the Wharton undergraduate division at the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School


Intel's strategic investment program for equity investments/ acquisitions to grow the Internet economy in support of Intel's strategic interests.
Investment Director (current)
Partner (Menlo Park) (past)

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