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Viva Republica Co Ltd

, (Toss)
South Korea
Mobile payments platform.
USD 64,000,000 (USD 64,000,000) Series F
8 Aug 2019
fintech, remittances, mobile payments


United States
6419 Banks and credit unions
USD 18,300,000 (USD 18,300,000) Series A
6 Aug 2019
blockchain, cryptocurrencies, lending, fintech

Scale AI Inc

United States
USD 100,000,000 (USD 100,000,000) Series C
5 Aug 2019
artificial intelligence, image recognition, machine learning

Romeo Power

United States
2720 Manufacture of batteries and accumulators
Manufacturer of powerful and energy-dense battery packs.
2 Aug 2019
energy storage

ePayRails Inc

United States
Fintech payment as a service provider (PaaS) with a mission to make payments smarter and faster.
USD 2,450,000 (USD 2,450,000) Series A
1 Aug 2019
fintech, payments

Robinhood Markets Inc

United States
USD 323,000,000 (USD 323,000,000) Series E
23 Jul 2019
fintech, retail investing, secondary trading

Moneylion Inc

United States
6619 Other activities auxiliary to financial services
Mobile personal finance platform.
USD 100,000,000 (USD 100,000,000) Series C
22 Jul 2019
fintech, personal finance

Sierra Ventures XII

6430 Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
USD 215,000,000 (USD 215,000,000) Fund Closing (Final Closing)
18 Jul 2019


United Kingdom
Peer-to-peer lending platform.
GBP 200,000,000 (USD 248,670,300) Debt
17 Jul 2019
financial services, lending

N26 GmbH

New type of mobile bank.
USD 170,000,000 (USD 170,000,000) Series D
17 Jul 2019
fintech, challenger bank, digital banking, personal finance, mobile banking



Recent Moves

Alex Nediger photo Alexander Nediger became Member of the Board at Sila Nanotechnologies Inc
Apr 2019

Barry Hudson photo Barry Hudson became Director at Nodal Labs Ltd
15 Mar 2019

Shelley Zhuang photo Shelley Zhuang became Member of the Board at CryptoNumerics Inc
13 Mar 2019

Mike Ghaffary photo Mike Ghaffary became General Partner at Canvas Ventures
11 Mar 2019

Aaron Dafinone photo Aaron Dafinone became Fund Administrator at MMC Ventures Ltd

Janet Bastiman photo Janet Bastiman became Venture Partner at MMC Ventures Ltd

Stephanie Cohen photo Stephanie Cohen became Chief Strategy Officer at Goldman Sachs Group Inc

Itxaso Del Palacio photo Itxaso Del Palacio became Investment Director at Notion Capital Partners LLP
Dec 2018