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USD 80,000,000 (USD 80,000,000) Series D
27 Nov 2019
artificial intelligence


Personal financial management mobile app linked to a Mastercard prepaid card.
USD 150,000,000 (USD 150,000,000) Series C
27 Nov 2019
challenger bank, fintech, digital banking, banking, financial services, personal finance

Virgil SAS

EUR 2,100,000 Seed
27 Nov 2019

Paytm Payments Bank Ltd

USD 1,000,000,000 (USD 1,000,000,000) Series G
26 Nov 2019
fintech, remittances, finance, mobile payments

Scribd Inc

United States
6201 Computer programming
USD 58,000,000 (USD 58,000,000) Private Equity
25 Nov 2019

Juniper Square Inc

United States
Investment management platform for commercial real estate.
USD 75,000,000 (USD 75,000,000) Series C
22 Nov 2019


USD 40,000,000 (USD 40,000,000) Series B
20 Nov 2019
fintech, capital markets, institutional trading

Bluevine Capital Inc

United States
6419 Banks and credit unions
Provider of online working-capital financing to small businesses.
USD 102,000,000 (USD 102,000,000) Series F
19 Nov 2019
lending, business lending, fintech

Pensa Systems Inc

United States
USD 10,000,000 (USD 10,000,000) Venture
19 Nov 2019
artificial intelligence, information technology, machine learning, retail, retail technology, robotics, construction software

Neon Pagamentos SA

BRL 400,000,000 Series B
19 Nov 2019
challenger bank, fintech, digital banking



Recent Moves

Guy Duncan photo Guy Duncan became Chief Technology Officer at Tide Platform Ltd
Oct 2019

Kevin Albert photo Kevin Albert became Member of the Board at NorCal Cannabis
30 Aug 2019

Alex Nediger photo Alexander Nediger became Member of the Board at Sila Nanotechnologies Inc
Apr 2019

Barry Hudson photo Barry Hudson became Director at Nodal Labs Ltd
15 Mar 2019

Shelley Zhuang photo Shelley Zhuang became Member of the Board at CryptoNumerics Inc
13 Mar 2019

Mike Ghaffary photo Mike Ghaffary became General Partner at Canvas Ventures
11 Mar 2019

Aaron Dafinone photo Aaron Dafinone became Fund Administrator at MMC Ventures Ltd

Janet Bastiman photo Janet Bastiman became Venture Partner at MMC Ventures Ltd