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Pax Labs Inc

United States
2640 Manufacture of consumer electronics
Designer and developer of cannabis vaporization technologies and devices.
USD 1,300,000 (USD 1,300,000) Private Equity
22 Apr 2019
cannabis, consumer electronics

PopID Inc

United States
USD 5,000,000 (USD 5,000,000) Series A
19 Apr 2019
artificial intelligence, digital identity, identity management

Beijing Gaosi Bole Education Technology Co Ltd

(Gaosi Education Group)
, (Gao Si Education Group)
, (高思教育)
, (北京高思博乐教育科技股份有限公司)
USD 140,000,000 (USD 140,000,000) Series D
18 Apr 2019

Adverity GmbH

Online marketing data analytics and reporting platform.
EUR 11,000,000 Series B
18 Apr 2019
data analytics, big data, e-commerce, software-as-a-service (SaaS), digital marketing

Fyusion Inc

United States
USD 30,000,000 (USD 30,000,000) Series C
18 Apr 2019

Touch Biometrix Ltd

United Kingdom
Fabless developer of a new class of fingerprint sensor for application to consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops and computer peripherals.
GBP 2,000,000 Series A
18 Apr 2019


Developer of a mobile app for the management of personal and business finances.
USD 22,600,000 (USD 22,600,000) Series B
18 Apr 2019
fintech, personal finance


USD 10,300,000 (USD 10,300,000) Series A
18 Apr 2019

Payfone Inc

United States
6311 Data processing, hosting and related activities
Provider of digital identity authentication.
USD 24,000,000 (USD 24,000,000) Series G
17 Apr 2019
digital identity

Aidoc Medical Ltd

Provider of artificial intelligence solutions that support and enhance the impact of radiologist diagnostic power.
USD 27,000,000 (USD 27,000,000) Series B
17 Apr 2019
artificial intelligence, radiology



Recent Moves

Alex Nediger photo Alexander Nediger became Member of the Board at Sila Nanotechnologies Inc
Apr 2019

Barry Hudson photo Barry Hudson became Director at Nodal Labs Ltd
15 Mar 2019

Shelley Zhuang photo Shelley Zhuang became Member of the Board at CryptoNumerics Inc
13 Mar 2019

Mike Ghaffary photo Mike Ghaffary became General Partner at Canvas Ventures
11 Mar 2019

Stephanie Cohen photo Stephanie Cohen became Chief Strategy Officer at Goldman Sachs Group Inc

Aaron Dafinone photo Aaron Dafinone became Fund Administrator at MMC Ventures Ltd

Janet Bastiman photo Janet Bastiman became Venture Partner at MMC Ventures Ltd

Itxaso Del Palacio photo Itxaso Del Palacio became Investment Director at Notion Capital Partners LLP
Dec 2018