Adara Media Inc

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444 Castro Street Suite 130
94041 Mountain View , California
United States
Phone: +1 (408) 876-6360
California US
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Adara Media Incorporated
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United States
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Connects your brands and offers with premium, loyalty-driven audiences
Adara Media makes online display advertising more effective for advertisers while enhancing the appeal and value of ads for consumers. Using proprietary data and audience segmentation, Adara Media enables advertisers to choose a precise audience target for specific offers. Thanks to exclusive data provided by Adara Media Brand Partners, consumers receive ads most relevant to them. It’s a unique approach that allows advertisers to connect their brands with the brands preferred by premium audiences of frequent travelers and business executives. Before Adara Media, online advertisers faced a key challenge: Audience targeting data was often inaccurate, leading to poorly targeted display ad campaigns and, ultimately, wasted spending on impressions. Online advertising pioneers founded Adara Media to overcome that challenge.