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The SkyFund, backed by DJI and Accel, aims to fund entrepreneurs across a variety of application, hardware, peripheral and services categories where Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), robotics and intelligent machines can make a meaningful impact. We aim to support entrepreneurs who are building the important technologies that drive UAVs into the hands of consumers and enterprises, across a spectrum of high-value use cases. SkyFund has put together a tremendous roster of advisors to assist entrepreneurs through the entirety of the startup's lifecycle: from initial concept to go-to-market. Advisors include leading hardware founders from Silicon Valley, key regulatory thought leaders who are actively in dialogue with the FAA, founders who have scaled high-growth technology businesses, and engineering leaders who understand developer platforms, APIs and SDKs. Inaugural members of the advisory board include Greg Duffy, Founder of Dropcam (and licensed helicopter pilot); Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dean of Engineering and Director of the GRASP Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania; Sam Lessin, former Head of Product Management at Facebook; Nick Schrock, Director of Engineering at Facebook; Jeff Seibert, Director of Developer Platform at Twitter; Anne Swanson, Partner in Cooley LLP's Regulatory Communications Practice; and Dick Wolf, Emmy Award-winning TV producer who is incorporating UAVs into shows like Law & Order, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.