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Soldo Limited
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United Kingdom
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Unified spend control platform.
Soldo was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs and banking experts united by the search for a simple and effective way to manage money within organisations. Soldo's spend control platform comes with integrated prepaid Soldo Mastercard cards, a web-based administration console and a mobile app. With Soldo, businesses empower employees and departments to make purchases on their behalf with plastic and virtual Soldo Mastercard cards, yet retain total and constant control, thanks to bespoke budgets, limits and spending rules. Using the Soldo mobile app, employees can add crucial data to each transaction, such as photos of receipts, notes and tags. Soldo generates comprehensive spending reports in only a couple of clicks, that permit an entirely new level of insight and integrates with all major accounting software to maximise efficiencies and effectiveness across the organisation. With Soldo, the time and tedium traditionally involved in expense management and reporting is eliminated. Soldo is headquartered in London and has offices in Rome, Milan and Dublin.